West Side Boat Shop surfski?

11 mile cardio hike and random thoughts about West Side Boat Shop

Oh, and that 8 or 9 mile hike turned out to be 11. I guess I really got into it.

Donate and/or GoFundMe: https://davethekayaker.com/donate-to-support-this-business/

Update 2/7/22: Thank you to those who contacted me today with questions about a potential surfski development.

I’d like to summarize the essence of my various discussions today.

  1. I’m at the limit of personal investment in saving this business so the only way a West Side Boat Shop surfski is going to happen is if people buy existing West Side Boast Shop kayaks or if people donate to support this business.
  2. If a surfski is developed, it will be an existing West Side Boat Shop hull with a surfski deck. I am a true believer that Doug Bushnell-designed hulls are the best ever. There is no need to ever change them.
  3. Best case scenario is a prototype in 2022 which will most likely require adjustments and modifications. If everything goes well I don’t expect a new surfki until 2023.
  4. I expect my investment in a new surfski to be at least $10K more than what I have already invested into this business. I don’t have that money at this point.
  5. Selling 5-10 more existing West Side Boat Shop kayaks changes the game significantly and speeds things up.
  6. Yes, there will be more than one surfski potentially. Think: 17″, 18″ and 20″ wide.
  7. If surfski decks are developed, then West Side Boat Shop kayaks will be available as either decked kayaks or surfskis. (We all know surfskis are for people who are afraid of flipping or too unskilled to keep their kayaks upright, right?) Hey, don’t hate me. Unless you regularly paddle in the ocean you know it is true.
  8. Yes, I am bootstrapping this business with my own personal money so that slows everything down. But I saw a business that I love and am a true believer in so I stepped up to save it.

So if you are waiting for a West Side Boat Shop surfski, it simply isn’t going to happen until and unless people buy some of these existing, awesome racing and fitness kayaks.

I hope you understand.

I’m just one guy, not a corporation with cheap manufacturing in China or with access to an entire engineering department. But I understand what makes boats fast and efficient.

And that is why we are in this together.

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