Fitness Tracker Review: MorePro HRV, HR, SpO2

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I’ve been using the MorePro HRV fitness tracker review unit the company sent me for the past week and would like to share my thoughts and review with you.

I think this is an outstanding device if you are looking for a few unique features.

First of all, this tracker takes continuous Heart Rate, Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and Blood Oxygen Saturation (SpO2) measurements which is not at all common amongst fitness trackers in this price range.

I use HRV to monitor my stress and recovery state to know when I need to take an extra day off from training or focus on getting more sleep and relaxation.  So I already have an inherent desire and bias to try out any device that can provide HRV.

SpO2 is interesting and especially useful to people with sleep apnea concerns.  In fact, this device will report the number of apnea events (cessation of airflow in the nose and mouth greater than or equal to 10 seconds) and hypoxia time (the duration of the state of insufficient physiological oxygen for tissue oxygen demand.)  The device integrates both green and red diodes to provide all this information, so it has a bit more hardware inside than typical trackers which only use a green diode.

The device is currently selling on Amazon for around $60 USD, and depending upon what features are most important to you, could represent a great value.

  • Pros:
    Continuous heart rate monitoring
    Automatic HRV and SpO2 monitoring
    Reasonably good, color display with a variety of watch faces to choose from
    Slim form factor
    Simple one-button functionality on the device
    IP67 water resistant
    Superior sleep tracking and analysis
    I got 4-1/2 days of battery life from the first charge
  • Cons:
    Does not have GPS
    Did not track my kayak strokes as steps
    Application interface is a little awkward.  Usable but it takes little bit to get used to it.

So beauty is in the eye of the beholder on this one.  I personally believe the device is more than worth its price just for the HRV, SpO2 and sleep analysis at night. But if those features don’t appeal to you, then you might be paying bit more than you need to for superior features you won’t use.

Buy it now on Amazon:


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