The Rivanna at low levels

We ran the Rivanna River from Rt. 29 to Darden Towe Park yesterday at just under 100cfs on the Palmyra gauge.  There was no water spilling over the S. Rivanna Reservoir dam.
We bumped and scraped and I had to get out of the boat once to walk it, but we still had a very enjoyable time.

I would, however, not recommend running it at this level unless you have a lot of time and patience.

Required reading for anyone who wants to eat for good health

I’ve already driven nearly 1,200 miles this week and listened to Dr. Jason Fung’s excellent book, The Obesity Code, on audio.

Everyone should read this book.  Don’t let the word “obesity” throw you.  This book unlocks the truth about what does and doesn’t make us fat and which foods are fundamentally unhealthy.

I cannot recommend this book highly enough.

Boats for sale

Wifey is unhappy with the number of boats hanging in the garage.

Two kayaks / surskis are up for sale, the Wenonah Orion K1 and the Pyranha Octane.  I would also consider selling the Prijon Beluga, Phoenix Match II, and the Phoenix Mini Slipper (or Cascade, not sure which it is) for the right price.

Pyranha Octane

Wenonah OrionK1 kayak