Starting to review my year in paddling

The kayak races that immediately pop into my mind as the most memorable in 2016 were two completely new ones to me, and the James River Rundown 100-miler (I did the 40-mile version last year.)

I enjoyed and amazing year kayaking on some great waters and look forward to expanding my paddling horizons even more in 2017.

If you know of a kayak race or event on the East Coast you think I should hit, let me know.

  1. The James River Rundown 100-miler
  2. The Cumberland River Challenge
  3. The Lehigh Classic Whitewater Race

The ketogenic diet

I am not a doctor nor am I qualified to give medical advice, bit I believe a High Fat, Low Carb diet is the way to go.  Carbs do not build anything but proteins and healthy fats do.   You just can’t be high fat and high carb at the same time.  That is a recipe for disaster.

Building the next kayak ergometer

Now that it is the off-season for kayaking, this evening I started building the next kayak ergometer from a NordicTrack ski machine.

I’m going for a further refinement of the last design and placing the flywheel more toward the center of the device, underneath the bend in the knees of the paddler.  This will allow me to shorten the overall length of the machine while also creating a device with better balance characteristics while also allowing for a smoother feel.

When complete, I will disassemble it and create step-by-step plans and a “build your own” video for all of you who have been asking since the original design.

This model will be know as The Tortorich.