Exercise for the day

After tweaking my right knee a little bit last week in the gym doing barbell squats, I decided to get back on the bike after work today for leg day for 14 relatively easy miles.

That completes a good fitness day: bench press and neutral grip lat pull downs at lunch time and a good bike ride on a relatively cool evening after work.


I would be remiss if I did not congratulate Casey Eichfeld on his finals C1 run today at the Rio Olympics.  He had a very impressive run, but unfortunately came up a little short of a medal in a field of paddlers who were absolutely off-the-hook good at dancing on the water.

Great job, Casey!  We’re unbelievably proud of you!!

Last Saturday

As feared, the water levels were very high last Saturday on the Tye River, forcing the race organizers to postpone or cancel the Nelson Downriver Race.

It was a disappointment.

But I used the morning to take advantage of the high, local water on the Rivanna River and took my whitewater play boat down river and tested out a new helmet cam.

Tomorrow morning I’ll be racing in a kayak on the same section of river.

See you there.

Whitewater kayaking

Somewhere around 2010 I also decided to expand my horizons and take up whitewater kayaking.  A little bit late in life, maybe, but I always wanted to do whitewater in a kayak because when I was younger and did Class III-IV whitewater in a raft I thought the kayak guys were having more fun.

So I picked up a used playboat, a Necky Jive, on ebay and took rolling classes at the University of Virginia to learn how to roll.

Here I was a couple months later when I went back to the pool to practice my new skills.