Current boats

For some reason folks are constantly emailing and asking me if I still have this or that boat, so I thought I’d list the boats I currently have in my arsenal.

Cobra Viper
Necky Jive
Prijon Beluga
West Side Boat Shop Thunderbolt-X
Wenonah Orion (K1)
Phoenix Match II

..and boats that don’t count because they’re for my kids…

Perception Mirage
Perception Swifty

I am always in the market for fast boats, and I’m especially seeking some wildwater design right now, so please contact me if you’ve got something unique and in good shape.  I might just show up with some cash.  I’m becoming very fond of older boats that need somebody new to love them.

Two Old School Kayaks

I just found this photo in the archives and it is one of my favorite photos.  Two old school boats, the Phoenix Match II and the Perception Wavehopper, taking first and second place on a low water day in the 2015 Rivanna River Race, Charlottesville, VA.


Time to sell a kayak to make room for a new one

Necky Looksha IV for sale.  I hate to see her go but bigger and better things are ahead.  Wifey tells me 9 boats in the garage is the limit.

Forget the link.  The Necky Looksha 4 is sold.

Paddling new waters

We went on family vacation last week to Western Pennsylvania, USA, and although I planned to paddle some new streams and rivers, I was unable to due to lack of rain and low water.

So instead I hit some inlets on Presque Isle of Lake Erie and a little lake in Edinboro, PA.

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