Short workout paddle today

I headed out to the South Rivanna Reservoir late this afternoon to get in some more training base miles.  I got some video on Ivy Creek while I was warming up a bit.  Once I got on the main part of the reservoir it was very windy and the water was choppy.  I started at the twin bridges at Earlysville Rd. and paddled to Reas Ford bridge and back.

It wasn’t a very long paddle, but at least I was able to add 8 more base miles to my training.

I also did my first ever Periscope session once I got home so I continue to educate myself on the latest social media platforms.

Wenonah Orion K1 Olympic Kayak

I picked up a We-no-nah Orion K1 sprint kayak at the end of last summer and only had it in the water one time prior to today.

Last Fall I took it out and just sat in it at the boat ramp at my local lake.  The seat was positioned for a very short paddler to the point of being uncomfortable for me so I never tried to paddle her that day.

Today, after redoing the seat over the winter, I took her back out to try again now that the water has warmed to the point of not being dangerous.

The boat is an incredibly tippy craft but I expected that with a K1 sprint racing kayak.

I hung out at the dock for a while getting a feel for her and then decided to paddle her out on the water.  I was very tentative but paddled for about 10-15 minutes before she finally got the best of me.

Enjoy the splash!

You do not need carbohydrates

I believe the message in this video is one of the most important you can hear when it comes to your health.

The rules for eating:
1) If it says low fat, fat free or light, don’t buy it or eat it.  If they took the fat out then they put sugar in.
2) Eat real food, not processed stuff in a box
3) Eat when you are hungry and then only eat things you like
4) Eat GPS: No grains, no potatoes, no sugar

Reversing Type 2 diabetes starts with ignoring the government food guidelines

A little change of pace today

The weather was chilly and very windy today so I decided to stay away from flat water training and change things up a bit.

I headed to the Rivanna River and launched just below the S. Rivanna Reservoir dam in my Necky Jive white water/play boat.  I actually paddled upstream of my launch point to just under the dam to take advantage of the first set of whitewater rapids created by the rocky environment.

I paddled 6.3 miles to Darden Towe Park and fought wind with very heavy gusts the entire way.  At times if I would have stopped paddling I’m sure the wind would have blown me upstream.  It was great for a workout and training run!

I made it to Darden Towe Park in 1:21:00, certainly no great feat, and then surfed in the final rapid a bit before getting out and walking my boat up to the soccer fields where my daughter was playing soccer.  (I had my wife drop me off on her way into town to get my daughter to soccer so it was the perfect shuttle scenario!)


Reagan’s first solo on this same section of river

It was a great way to get some training miles on an otherwise blustery day.

And since the paddle was a short one today, I hit the gym this evening and did squats, dumbbell pullovers, bicep curls and bench presses.  Overall a very good day on the water and in the gym.


Rivanna River Training run, April 2, 2016

Paddling buddy Dave and I got up early and met at the boat ramp in Palmyra, VA at 6:30am this morning, threw both boats on top of his car and then headed back toward Charlottesville to begin our training run in our kayaks.

We launched our boats just below the S. Rivanna Reservoir dam, upstream of the Rt. 29 bridge at ~7:50am.

The weather was overcast and drizzly at times and also windy at times.  And a few times the sun even popped out.

Our purpose was to get some base miles in in preparation for the James River Rundown.  I also wanted to test my eating/fueling for a longer paddle and get some blisters/calluses on my hands that will serve as natural protection later in the paddling season.

We spotted a bald eagle at the confluence with the North Rivanna and then spotted two more bald eagles later in the trip downstream of Shadwell.  We spotted turtles in large quantities on many protruding logs and numerous Osprey.

I ate a breakfast of two strips of bacon with two scrambled eggs and coffee on my drive to Palmyra and only had ~17oz. of water the entire trip.  I felt good and never felt hungry.  The other Dave had some Gatorade before we left and then I gave him a 1.5oz bag of roasted and salted almonds that I brought in case of emergency.  He needed them more than I did so I was happy to give the bag to him.

The trip was relatively uneventful and we did not see any other paddlers the entire trip.

We GPS’ed the trip at ~29.8 miles, but before we got to the boat ramp at Palmyra we both decided it would be a shame to get that close and not hit 30 miles, so before we reached the ramp, we turned around and paddled upstream a bit and then came back down to make sure we could log a full 30 miles.  We finished in 5 hours and 14 minutes.

It was a good trip and it was nice to have company.

At ~mile 17 we both realized that the mental aspects of the trip started to come into play.  In other words, our bodies felt good but we were beginning to feel the physical effects of paddling and we found ourselves going silent as we each tried to convince our brains that it would be OK if we just keep paddling, trying to reconcile that with the number of miles behind us and the number of miles ahead of us.  It was nice to actually be able to discuss that with somebody else.  Usually I’ve been paddling alone when that has happened in the past.

Our lower backs were both in pain at the end of the trip, but other than two blisters on my left hand (the hand I anchor my paddling with,) I felt fine.  Just a bit tied and some of that was from getting up at 5am.

This was the longest paddle on the Rivanna I had ever done and the longest trip Dave had ever paddled.  It was also my first time on the river between Crofton and Palmyra.

A brief video trip report is below.