My next kayak

I’m developing the short list for my next boat. Think Evo 2, Epic (gasp) V8 Pro, Stellar SEL and Nelo 550. What else belongs in the consideration mix?

Let me know if you are interested in buying my: Phoenix Mini Slipper, Prijon Interceptor, Wenonah Orion, Phoenix Match II or, possibly even my Cobra Viper.

I need to free-up some cash.

The Thunderbolt-X now becomes my winter trainer, which is weird because not too many years ago I bought a winter trainer as an alternative to her.

Wenonah Orion K1 Olympic Kayak

I picked up a We-no-nah Orion K1 sprint kayak at the end of last summer and only had it in the water one time prior to today.

Last Fall I took it out and just sat in it at the boat ramp at my local lake.  The seat was positioned for a very short paddler to the point of being uncomfortable for me so I never tried to paddle her that day.

Today, after redoing the seat over the winter, I took her back out to try again now that the water has warmed to the point of not being dangerous.

The boat is an incredibly tippy craft but I expected that with a K1 sprint racing kayak.

I hung out at the dock for a while getting a feel for her and then decided to paddle her out on the water.  I was very tentative but paddled for about 10-15 minutes before she finally got the best of me.

Enjoy the splash!