The beginning

My name is Dave and as you might have guessed, I love to kayak.  I also race kayaks and have invested a great deal of time into studying paddling movements and mechanics, physical conditioning, boat types, and essential equipment required to make kayaks go faster.  A great deal of this blog will be about kayaking.

But I also got into physical fitness at age 45 when I realized that my body just wasn’t behaving like it used to.  I was carrying some extra pounds and decided to take a stand.

I then began a journey that had many twists and turns.  I have done all the wrong things, read a great deal of Bro Science and misleading claims on fitness programs and products, and finally got on the right track nearly 18 months after I started.

My road to a healthier, stronger me has involved many things including diets, strength training, cardio conditioning, and experimentation with many sports supplements.

Stay tuned and I’ll tell you my story and reveal what I’ve learned along the way.


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