October 2013 and my introduction to Vinnie Tortorich

I travel a lot for my job and spend countless hours in cars and airplanes.  For years I’ve been making use of this time by listening to audio books and podcasts.

By October 2013 I had invested months into weight training, kayaking, and bike riding on my quest for fitness.

I had not yet figured out, however, how to really eat and train properly.  My program was a mess of caloric deficits, random weight lifting routines, and questionable nutrition.

I thought protein powder should be a staple of everyone’s diet.

In October I found myself driving to Atlanta for a coworker’s wedding so I added a couple new audio books from Audible onto my mp3 player (yes, I’m old school and still use an mp3 player as opposed to a mobile phone.)

One of the books that Audible suggested was Fitness Confidential by Vinnie Tortorich.

The book changed my life.

Vinnie’s story is truly inspirational and he introduced me to the world of no sugars, no grains (NSNG.)  In the book, Vinnie tells you how to eat, how to lift weights to build mass and strength, and he also tells you so much more. The book will inspire you, maybe make you cry from Vinnie’s touching story, maybe even help you put your life in perspective, and make you wonder how you keep coming up with so many excuses to keep from getting fit.  The book is part autobiography, part fitness book, part diet book, part self-improvement book but 100% entertaining and inspiring.

I can say that Fitness Confidential was a turning point in my life and it made me take weight training more seriously and more importantly, taught me how to eat properly.

So many people try to eat right but are misled by labels promising to be “heart healthy” or somehow better for you.  Most of these claims are based on faulty science, plain ignorance, or marketing manipulation.

Avoid eating sugars and avoid eating grains and the rest falls into place.



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