A little change of pace today

The weather was chilly and very windy today so I decided to stay away from flat water training and change things up a bit.

I headed to the Rivanna River and launched just below the S. Rivanna Reservoir dam in my Necky Jive white water/play boat.  I actually paddled upstream of my launch point to just under the dam to take advantage of the first set of whitewater rapids created by the rocky environment.

I paddled 6.3 miles to Darden Towe Park and fought wind with very heavy gusts the entire way.  At times if I would have stopped paddling I’m sure the wind would have blown me upstream.  It was great for a workout and training run!

I made it to Darden Towe Park in 1:21:00, certainly no great feat, and then surfed in the final rapid a bit before getting out and walking my boat up to the soccer fields where my daughter was playing soccer.  (I had my wife drop me off on her way into town to get my daughter to soccer so it was the perfect shuttle scenario!)


Reagan’s first solo on this same section of river

It was a great way to get some training miles on an otherwise blustery day.

And since the paddle was a short one today, I hit the gym this evening and did squats, dumbbell pullovers, bicep curls and bench presses.  Overall a very good day on the water and in the gym.



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