The Phoenix miniSlipper kayak (formerly thought to be a Cascade)


Two Saturdays ago I found a Phoenix kayak on Craigslist so I immediately went to look at it since so few of these surface anymore.

When I got there, I found a solid boat in need of some TLC and elbow grease to kill some mold from the underside and then do some sanding and painting.

Since I’ve grown very fond of these boats I was up for the challenge so yet another boat came home with me on the top of my vehicle.

She needed to be saved and preserved.


Two weeks later and I am happy to share the results with you.

If you’ve got an old Phoenix Kayak just hanging out somewhere and you are fine with letting it go, please contact me.  These boats are wonderful relics from the past, but they are also great boats made with a mix of Fiberglass and Nylon so they will last at least one lifetime.

I should also point out that Phoenix/Poke Boats, Inc. is still in business so check out their current boat models.  If they still make them like they used to you will not be disappointed.



  1. Dave,
    I have a Phoenix Cascade that I bought in the late eighties. I had bought my first one in 1981. I used it for up to Class 3/4 whitewater. It was stolen in West Virginia off the roof of my car. I loved it so much I immediately bought another. Back then it was $800, just for the boat. It has adjustable aluminum foot braces. I have rarely used it since then, maybe five times. It is in fantastic shape and has been kept indoors ever since.
    I also have the acclaimed Norse Paddle made of fiberglass and aluminum. It is damn near indestructible and has a double-oval, hand indexing red shaft with white blades. If it were still made, the paddle would cost well over $200
    I have a complete bag set: 3 original Phoenix Bow-Stern Inflation bags, 2 brand new (never used) NRS Stern bags, a Phoenix Stern (large) Flotation & Dry Storage bag, a Phoenix #1 (smaller) Dry Storage bag and a Mini Dry Item Storage bag (I used for cigarettes etc). The two brand new NRS Stern bags were $70. I also have two new replacement valves for the air bags.
    In addition, I have a neoprene wet suite (top & bottom) with mittens and boots along with a neoprene skirt. To top it off I have my original Phoenix Kayak Helmet and a Stern Kayakers’ Vest.
    In short, a complete, ready to go outfit.
    The wet suit would fit someone up to 6′ tall and probably 200 lbs max – 180 or less would be better. I want to sell the entire outfit. I would like $1,000 for all. Besides putting this info “out there” for someone interested in a true “collectors’ item”, I am curious to know how to ship it. This is a 13’3L x 23″W fiberglass boat only weighing around twenty pounds. If shipping is reasonable, I would include it in the price.
    Please let me know your thoughts.

    Sincere Regards,
    Ralph Platt – Naples, FL


  2. I just bought a couple 14′ Phoenix Kayaks locally here in Ohio. How would I be able to tell if they are cascades or minislippers?


  3. Dave, Beautiful job on the boat and it looks BEAUTIFUL!
    We have one here in Jackson WY, but I do not think that you are close to us.
    Hoping to find a good local home for this boat, and asking $100.
    Lovely job with the restoration, Chuck


  4. Bob, That is a tricky question and it is only worth what somebody is willing to pay for it. I’ve seen a couple for sale within the past year with asking prices of $200-300 and ultimately the folks selling them did not find buyers and decided to keep them. So my best guess is the market right now is in the $100-200 range. Those boats have very small cockpit openings and most Americans, unfortunately, have a hard time getting into and out of the boats because they simply don’t fit and are too overweight. An old-timer who fondly remembers the boat and wants to buy another one might pay up a little bit to own one, but those folks are a rare and dying breed.


  5. I just picked up a Phoenix cascade kayak. It’s in decent shape. Any idea on what’s its worth. Thanks. Bob 207-314-4805.


  6. That doesn’t surprise me. It would take a very special person with knowledge of old boats to want that one. They were great boats, but nowadays everyone wants something either more stable or done in plastic. Or both. 😦


  7. Interesting – thanks for sending this, Dave. You know, we STILL have the kayak, lol. Kurt decided to keep it so he could see if he could use it. He still hasn’t taken it out though. Maybe this Spring…

    On Thu, Jan 23, 2020 at 9:47 PM Dave The Kayaker wrote:

    > commented: “Aquacruisers website won;t load. I > suspect that the old Phoenix/Pokeboat lineage is no more. They were still > making the Isere about two years ago. Woe” >

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  8. Aquacruisers website won;t load. I suspect that the old Phoenix/Pokeboat lineage is no more. They were still making the Isere about two years ago. Woe


  9. I have one too, has the original sticker inside. I love it. It is so light. I can one hand it on to the roof of my car. Had seriously thought about running it in the race today.


  10. We have a 13′ 70s vintage Phoenix – in good shape for sale now. We live just outside of C’ville. Sent an email and hope to hear back.


  11. I live in Grand Junction, Colorado, and have a like new Phenoix 13’2″ with even the original product sticker inside. I’d like to sell it. Any help would be appreciated, value and where to advertise.


  12. I’ve used Rust-Oleum Topside Marine Coatings on three boats now (Slipper, Interceptor and Match II) and swear by it. When I redo a boat now I keep going back to that paint.


  13. Dave, i have restored two Cascades, what type of pint did yu use on the Slipper, it looks great


  14. It all depends upon the condition of the boat and how badly somebody wants it. If it in good shape I would guess somewhere in the $200-300 range is the top end. Then again, I’ve picked up some of these older boats in the $75-100 range.


  15. Sorry, I just checked back in to this site, while searching for info on the Match II (there’s one for sale in Denver, that I have my eye on). I have some photos of my Cascade. Can I email them to you. If I recall correctly, the Microslip (smaller, cut down version of the Slipper) had a flatter deck with harder edges.

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  16. Tim,
    It might be a Spitfire. It has also been suggested it is a Mini Slipper. I would like to know once and for all. It is too small for me but my son decided it was his “keeper.” I’m still loving my Match II and recently picked up a Prijon Interceptor so there is no lack of old school boats hanging in the garage. Do you have any pictures of your Cascade?


  17. Nice restoration. Looks more like a Phoenix Spitfire, though. I have a Cascade and am in the process of getting another one. The Cascade is a bit longer (13′ 2″), pointier, and has more of a “keel” in the bow and stern.


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