Current boats

For some reason folks are constantly emailing and asking me if I still have this or that boat, so I thought I’d list the boats I currently have in my arsenal.

Cobra Viper
Necky Jive
Prijon Beluga
West Side Boat Shop Thunderbolt-X
Wenonah Orion (K1)
Phoenix Match II

..and boats that don’t count because they’re for my kids…

Perception Mirage
Perception Swifty

I am always in the market for fast boats, and I’m especially seeking some wildwater design right now, so please contact me if you’ve got something unique and in good shape.  I might just show up with some cash.  I’m becoming very fond of older boats that need somebody new to love them.



  1. Ah, you’ll master it in no time. Just remember to keep your nose over the center of the boat and your upper torso always pointing straight up. Any rocking or motion should be from the hips down only. Not sure if you read the entry from when I bought the boat, but I took it home without test paddling it and feared I made a mistake. After a few weeks it took my paddling to a whole new level and really opened up the sport to me. You’ll end up loving it and never wanting to part with it. Have fun!


  2. Thanks for getting back to me. Yeah the boat is fasssst! My next step is too improve my skills and balance. I thought I was pretty good until I got into this one…


  3. Marc, I can’t help on the float bags but it is probably safe to assume it will handle the largest ones you can find for a kayak. The skirts I use are Seals 1.2 and they work perfectly, which was a pleasant surprised since they were the same ones I already owned and used on the Necky Looksha. Great boat, congratulations, and welcome to the Viper Fraternity. Happy paddling!


  4. Hi Dave,

    I just purchased a cobra viper. Do you have a suggestion for float bags and/or a particular spray skirt?



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