The last hard week in the gym for a while

I made it to the gym 3 times this past week (3 different gyms in two different cities) and even though I was tapering off on the weights, I still managed to log some fairly high volume.  More than I wanted to, actually, but when I was in the gym it felt so good and I was not pressed for time and I needed the mental reboot.

So my week broke down like this (excluding some time on the spinner and rowing ergometer):


I made it out on the water for a 12-mile training run this afternoon and now will pretty much take a week off from strength training to allow my muscles and tendons in my elbows to recover.

My on-water training so far this year has consisted of 10 times out on the water in 4 different boats for a total of 90 miles, which is pretty much in line with the number of miles I’ve typically paddled at this point so early in the year.

My body is now deeply in dietary ketosis so I am right where I want to be…in fat burning mode, poised for endurance without the need for lots of sugar for fuel and little risk of bonking.  I will remain in this state at least through June and maybe much, much longer.  I’ll also eat at a slight caloric deficit for most of this week but might bump up my calories on Thursday and Friday a bit.

I’d like to drop 3 pounds this week.

Then I’ll go back to slight deficit for a few more weeks to shed some more fat pounds.  Getting lighter for racing is the stated goal, but let’s face it, there is some vanity thrown in there, too, because swimsuit and pool season is right around the corner.

Whatever exercise I do this week will be cardio.  I hope to make it out on the bike at least 2 or 3 times and maybe some light paddling once.

My upper body needs some rest and recovery for my first race of the season this coming Saturday.


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