A good training day

My youngest son had a soccer game this morning at a park on the Rivanna River.

It took me about 2 seconds to concoct a plan wherein my wife dropped me and my play boat off under the S. Rivanna Reservoir dam and then continue on to take our son to his soccer game and then I’d paddle to them to watch his game.

The air temps were slightly chilly but it warmed up quickly and I had a very enjoyable 6.2 miles on The Rivanna River this morning.  My son’s team won the soccer game easily.

The plan was perfect.

Then for a double whammy, I met Paddling Buddy Dave this afternoon on the reservoir for an additional 10.5 miles of flat water training in my trusty Thunderbolt-X.

All in all, a good day of training.

Good thing because racing season starts next Saturday.



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