West Side Boat Shop Kayaks 2023 Catalog

“The boat is everything as described. I have been paddling over 50 years and owned a lot of boats & tried many more. My 1st impression of the Delta exceeds any of the other boats I have been in. The [competitive brands] that I have owned have been good boats for my type of use, but the Delta is definitely a step above that…Every time I paddle the Delta I find more that I like about it... I think you are right that the West Side Boat Shop boats are in a class by themselves.” – Chris R. – 2022 Delta purchaser

Check out the new 2023 West Side Boat Shop catalog below.

While everyone else is raising their prices at least 5-7% due to inflation and materials and shipping cost increases, I am holding the line and keeping my 2022 prices because I want you to choose one of my kayaks and experience the pure joy and American quality they deliver. I’m willing to take the hit this year to help you experience one of these wonderful kayaks because I know you will fall in love and tell others, and spreading the word about these kayaks is more important to me than anything else.

You have your choice of three different layups: full Kevlar, Basalt Innegra and carbon weave, or carbon/Kevlar weave. You also have the option of choosing a custom color for your deck (adds ~3lbs.)

Fore and aft bulkheads and bottom-mounted, sliding, K1-style seats now standard along with SmartTrack overstern rudders and side-mounted foot pegs with steering peddles up at the toes.

Call to discuss first so we make sure we get you in the right boat with the right options, but then a simple 50% deposit will start the building process for your brand new, American-built, high-quality, custom, performance kayak.

West Side Boat Shop kayaks are back and here to stay!

Please help me celebrate and spread the word about the continuation of an American racing kayak tradition.

There has never been a better time to order a West Side Boat Shop kayak
West Side Boat Shop Kayaks with Dave The Kayaker and Doug Bushnell
West Side Boat Shop Marauder kayak wins FOLAR race 2022. WSBS X-Par Missile takes 2nd place.
West Side Boat Shop Wave Excel takes 1st place at Richmond Paddle Cup 2022
West Side Boat Shop Thunderbolt-X kayak takes 2nd place at Little D on the Monocacy 12-mile race 2022…2nd only to a paddler on the US National team. The West Side Boat Shop Delta took 1st place in the women’s, 6-mile division.
West Side Boat Shop Thunderbolt-X kayak takes 1st place in kayak division at Youghness Monster Race 2021
West Side Boat Shop kayaks at Chattajack 2021. Will Leeds did really well in his WSBS EFT/Sleek.
Overview of West Side Boat Shop kayaks
The OTHER Doug Bushnell of West Side Boat Shop kayaks interview
First boat of the new West Side Boat Shop! The Delta kayak.

Also check out my original announcement regarding the July 27, 2021 acquisition of West Side Boat Shop.

Below is the list of current boats we can build.

The boats underlined below are boats in which people have already expressed interest and are likely to go into production first.

Available Boats:


X Par Missile
Wave Piercer
Wave Excel
Wave Exceed
Extra Fast Tourer (EFT)/Sleek
Bullitt K-2
Seafarer Sprint
XR5 wildwater kayak

Other configurations available:

Dark Starr

The hull of the Marauder matched with the deck of the Thunderbolt-X, thus widening the waterline width of the Marauder to 15-1/2″ for a tad more stability.

Thunderbolt T-Rex
The hull of the Thunderbolt-X matched with the deck of the Marauder, thus narrowing the waterline width of the Thunderbolt-X to 14-7/8″ for a tad more speed.

Barracuda K-2
The Thunderbolt-X stretched out to 23′ with a second cockpit added to make this one of the fastest K2 kayaks available anywhere.


Seafarer K-1
Seafarer K-2

Retired Boats:

Thunderbolt (The Thunderbolt-X renders this hull obsolete, but I still have the hull mold if you want one.)
Wave Ultra (The Wave Excel and Wave Exceed render this boat obsolete)
X5 wildwater kayak (The XR5 renders this design obsolete)
RPM Special
River 81
River 82
Leiser King
Bala Racer
Baby Otter
Super Tourist
Valencia K1

Be sure to check out the reviews of these boats on Paddling.com.

And for historical purposes, I’m archiving Doug Bushnell’s last known catalog below in case you are researching one of his older designs.