West Side Boat Shop Kayak 2022 Catalog

Check out the new 2022 West Side Boat Shop catalog below.

You have your choice of three different layups: fulll Kevlar, Basalt Innegra and carbon/Kevlar weave. You also have the option of choosing a custom color for your deck (adds ~3lbs.)

Bulkheads and bottom-mounted, sliding, K1-style seats now standard with SmartTrack overstern rudders and side-mounted foot pegs with steering peddles up at the toes.

Below are video updates about these boats and this business as I launch in November 2021. In these videos I talk about standard build specifications, options, colors, etc.

First new boat! The Delta kayak.

Also check out my original announcement regarding the July 27, 2021 acquisition of West Side Boat Shop.

Below is the list of current boats we can build, along with a few I’m considering retiring (although I do still have those molds,) and those boats that are now, unfortunately, retired.

The boats underlined below are boats in which people have already expressed interest and are likely to go into production first.

Available Boats:


X Par Missile
Wave Piercer
Wave Excel
Wave Exceed
Extra Fast Tourer (EFT)/Sleek
Bullitt K-2
Seafarer Sprint
XR5 wildwater kayak

Other configurations available:

Dark Starr

The hull of the Marauder matched with the deck of the Thunderbolt-X, thus widening the waterline width of the Marauder to 15-1/2″ for a tad more stability.

Thunderbolt T-Rex
The hull of the Thunderbolt-X matched with the deck of the Marauder, thus narrowing the waterline width of the Thunderbolt-X to 14-7/8″ for a tad more speed.

Barracuda K-2
The Thunderbolt-X stretched out to 23′ with a second cockpit added to make this one of the fastest K2 kayaks available anywhere.

On the fringe/Considering retiring:

Seafarer K-1
Seafarer K-2

Retired Boats:

Thunderbolt (The Thunderbolt-X renders this hull obsolete)
Wave Ultra (The Wave Excel and Wave Exceed render this boat obsolete)
X5 wildwater kayak (The XR5 renders this design obsolete)
RPM Special
River 81
River 82
Leiser King
Bala Racer
Baby Otter
Super Tourist

Be sure to check out the reviews of these boats on Paddling.com.

And for historical purposes, I’m archiving Doug Bushnell’s last known catalog below in case you are researching one of his older designs.