DeBrito Bailer Gasket Replacement

stillLeaky DeBrito bailer on your surfski?  Maybe it is time for a gasket replacement

UPDATE: This gasket didn’t make it a year without leaking.  This style of sponge neoprene is garbage and will just make a self-adhesive, sticky mess the next time you need to make a new gasket (which will be soon.)  When I find and acceptable neoprene I will post an update.




  1. Funny you should ask. I had the 510 out again today and the bucket was full of water most of the time due to the leaky gasket. I’ve decided it is the worst bailer design ever once the original gasket wears out and I will soon replace the bailer entirely. I wish I had a good answer but I don’t. I’ve tried 8 different materials for replacement gaskets and none of them work for very long, if at all. I suspect if they had a good answer they would sell the gasket rather than provide the template for cutting your own. 😦


  2. Hi Dave! Greg Greene here from Oshkosh Wisconsin. Do you have any updates on the de Brito bailer gasket solution? I’m borrowing a Stellar SEA for CJ and it leaks badly. I downloaded the gasket drawing but really struggled cutting it properly. It still leaks. Thanks for your help!


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