Recapping 2019

I finally got around to reviewing my 2019 training results.

My total volume in the gym dropped from the year before from 7,375,517 total pounds to 6,587,562 (nearly a 12% drop,) but my paddling miles on the water increased 58%, up to 521 total miles from 329 miles the year before.  That is what I call a great trade-off.

Of those 521 paddling miles, 210 of them were in my Stellar SEL surfski, 135 miles were in the Thunderbolt-X kayak, and the remaining 192 miles were spread across an amazing mix of 9 other boats.

I also got under 12% body fat early last summer so all-in-all it was a great year.  I’m in a great position going into the 2020 season.


2019boatmilesMiles paddled


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