Kayak Surfksi Extended Paddling Video for Kayak Ergometer Workouts | Kayak Meditation Video | Kayaking ASMR


Some folks have asked for a video of kayak or surfski paddling suitable for viewing during kayak ergometer workouts or for meditating with a kayaking theme.

Here are a few similar videos I previously recorded, a couple of them re-produced from their full-length files:

Youghness Monstser Race, 2018 (25-miles)

James River Rundown, 2015 (25 miles)

James River Rundown, 2016 (100 miles)

And below is a link to a video made specifically for the purposes of kayak ergometer workouts and I am asking for any donation to help offset my costs:

Please make a donation in any amount to gain access to the video or to say thank you for the videos above.  I’ve set this up on Paypal and they set a minimum donation of $1.00 USD.  Anything more you are willing to donate is greatly appreciated. It will help offset my costs for hosting this blog and offset my other costs in time, gas, batteries, memory cards and other equipment to continue to bring kayaking content to you.

>>>Make A Donation<<<

The video you will be automatically re-directed to after Paypal is 50 minutes of paddling in the beautiful Currituck Sound near Duck, NC, USA and it includes a very relaxing music track, suitable for relaxing and/or meditation in addition to watching while paddling your ergometer. (Please do not share the link to the video.)

Please do, however, share the link to this web page!

Enjoy…and thank you!

Build your own kayak ergometer: Homemade DIY Kayak Ergometer from Nordic Track ski machine


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