Chattajack 2020 Race Cancelled | Richmond Paddle Cup Race Still On for Aug. 8

As of right now it looks like our local rivers are cresting and they should drop down over the next few days thus providing the perfect river level on the James River for the Richmond Paddle Cup Race this Saturday.

I simply have a nagging feeling that locusts, earthquakes, angry kayak-hating mobs, freak banana truck accidents, or a rogue volcano will somehow disrupt the race.

This is 2020 afterall.



  1. Bummed but not surprised that Chattajack 2020 is cancelled! Going to miss seeing my Chattapeeps reaching for chocolate milk after coming off the river following an exhilarating and grueling epic race. Looking forward to 2021.


  2. I was a little surprised they planned to run it so I’m now even more surprised they cancelled it. I was looking forward to it. Speaking of which, I’m looking forward to paddling with you again this Saturday! I’m going to let you and the other Dave hammer it out while I have an enjoyable day.


  3. Sorry about the Chattajack cancellation. I was worried that might happen since it is a very large mass of paddlers near each other. I had been anticipating seeing your report from the race since you have become the kayak journalist of the internet. Looking forward to seeing you and other paddlers at the James River race this weekend. Thanks for continuing to promote kayaking and fitness.


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