Boat Review of the West Side Boat Shop Wave Excel Kayak and Its Role in Operation Decoy Leading Up To Richmond Paddle Cup Race 2020


This is yet another gem of an older kayak.  I unleashed it on the public (and Paddling Buddy Dave!) yesterday at the Richmond Paddle Cup Race.

It performed wonderfully and stacked up well against some great kayaks and surfskis and some outstanding athletes.



  1. It was great to see you and race with you again, John. Higher water and more people definitely made it much more fun this year. If I ever get anything other than 2nd place in this race the universe will be unbalanced.


  2. Very entertaining video. Even people that have not met you or “paddling buddy Dave” should enjoy this story. It is amazing how much the water level changes things on the same course. I paddled the same boat (Epic V7) but was 21 minutes faster than 2019, probably a similar effort but the mighty James gave us a bigger push this year. The higher water meant less chance of scraping and banging rocks, so the faster (and more delicate) boats were the better choice than my scraped and gouged V7. However, I enjoyed this years race more than last years despite getting 4th instead of 1st. The thrill of the chase over the last 4 miles, closing down and almost catching a fancy composite surfski (Epic v10L) made it fun for me. Congratulations on the race, and thanks to everybody that came and made it a fun day.

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