LOL Paddling Method | Surfski | Wing Paddle Stroke

Introducing my L.O.L. Paddling Method

For those of you who don’t always have perfect technique or for those who paddle longer distances where the perfect wing paddle stroke starts to break down.

But it also works for every paddler trying to find the proper form.

Legs – Obliques – Lats (LOL)

That’s where your power comes from and those are the large muscle groups you should engage while you paddle.

Hopefully this LOL Paddling MethodTM will help you visualize how to get the most out of every paddle stroke.

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Follow-up: Yes, I am claiming the LOL Paddling MethodTM as a trademark because I conceptualized and developed it, but I want you to share it and use it as much as it can help you and others, just please mention where you heard it. Claiming it as a trademark is simply a way to prevent others from claiming it as their own and profiting from it.


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