A few thoughts at the halfway point of my 14.7 mile kayak/surfski workout

I’ve shared my real experiences with you up to this point so I thought I’d check in to let you know that going from an 18″ wide kayak to a 17″ wide surfski has taken me almost 2 years to master.

I’m sure paddlers with better balance skills would have mastered it sooner, but that 1″ of difference is a significant difference in these narrow boats.

No matter where you are in your paddling journey, keep progressing your skills and advance up through the sport.

When you master that next step it is extremely rewarding.

And please forgive that cheesy thumbnail photo for this blog post. That was my attempt to make a mockery of some of the fitness gurus on the internet and prove to them how stupid they look.

Happy paddling! Stay fit and stay healthy.


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