A Little Bit of Weekend Fun on the Moormans River

The super-secret, by invitation-only group of paddlers hit the Moormans River just outside of Charlottesville over the weekend.

I was glad we had the Surviveware first aid kit when we hit briars which ripped our hands and arms open

We put in in Sugar Hollow beyond Whitehall and took out at Millington.

What a fun time at a great river level!

The overstern rudder on the Nelo 510 continues to dog me but I feel like I advanced my skills even further by paddling the ski on this type of river without the rudder. At some point I got frustrated with it and just tied it to the carry handle.

This is believed to be the first time this section of river has been run by anyone in any type of surfski. If you’ve done it before me please let me know and I will correct the record.

And don’t forget to checkout the Surviveware first aid kits. Use promo code davethekayaker for 10% off.

This river is only runnable at high levels and is definitely not for beginner or recreational paddlers.


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