Paddling some pre-winter training miles

I hope everyone in the USA had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.

I managed to go on a 7-mile hike Thanksgiving morning with perfect weather as outdoor temperatures were in the upper 60’s and then on Saturday the weather warmed again to the mid-40’s so I hopped in my Wave Excel kayak and paddled nearly 14 training miles.

Getting ready to head out for some winter training in my WSBS Wave Excel kayak
Thinking back to some warmer days this past summer in my WSBS Marauder kayak

During the late Fall and winter, I simply train in my kayak to stay in good paddling shape. I am not pushing it too hard or sprinting or even really looking at speeds. I’m merely out there laying down base miles and slowing things down and trying to improve my technique.

This outing on Saturday reminded me and reinforced the notion that West Side Boat Shop kayaks are some of the best racing kayaks and winter training kayaks in the world since they are decked kayaks which allow for a skirt so your legs and feet can stay dry, warm and comfy below deck while still allowing for proper rotation and correct paddling technique.

And here are a couple tricks I employ that you did not see in the pictures or video above:


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