The new West Side Boat Shop’s first boat: The West Side Boat Shop Delta kayak

I’d like to introduce you to the very first kayak manufactured by the new, Gen 2 West Side Boat Shop Kayaks.

The first kayak of the rebirth of West Side Boat Shop Kayaks, The Delta

This is the original design of the WSBS Delta kayak, built using the same, traditional, hand-laying methods and construction recipe always employed by Doug Bushnell. I am very proud of the end result and am 100% satisfied we are building kayaks to the same standards of quality and craftsmanship originally created by Doug himself.

I would not and will not accept anything less because I need to uphold the tradition of quality, excellence and performance of West Side Boat Shop kayaks.

I fully understand Doug Bushnell entrusted me with with his legacy, and I will not let this great boat designer down. I want to do right by Doug.

This is a wonderful performance kayak at 13′ 10″ long and weighing only 28 pounds is very easy to store, transport and paddle.

Check it out along with all the other West Side Boat Shop kayaks listed in the new catalog linked at the top of this page.

West Side Boat Shop kayaks are back!

Orders your’s today.

Delta Reviews

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