The first customer’s boat | WSBS EFT Sleek Kayak

Yesterday was an historic day in the history of West Side Boat Shop as I was able to deliver my first customer’s boat to her.

Delivering our first customer’s order. Thank you, Brooke! Enjoy the boat.

We literally met at dawn and it was a very cold (20 degrees F,) blustery morning so we didn’t have the luxury of capturing many photos or video. It was sooooooo cold! So we quickly walked through the features of the boat and got it loaded on top of her vehicle so she could get on her way. All in the parking lot of a hotel.

Brooke purchased an EFT/Sleek kayak as she already owns one, but I guess her son loves it so much she decided to give that one to him and buy a new, custom one for herself. So we built it to her specifications and gave her the exact teal color she specified on the deck.

Here is my review of that boat.

While I was in the neighborhood I also met up with Paddling Friend Shelli who I haven’t seen in 3-4 months. Since it was too cold to paddle, she suggested we check out the Roanoke Pinball Museum.

Having spent much of my paper boy money in pinball machines as a kid it sounded like a great idea to me.

As we were competing against each other in 2-player games, they announced over the speaker system they were starting a contest on 4 vintage machines near the front of the arcade and the winner (the first person to score 60,000 on one of those machines) got a premium (ahem) water bottle.

I was taking my turn our current machine when I heard Shelli say, “Hey, those 4 machines they announced are right behind us” to which I responded “grab one before anyone else gets here.”
Shelli started playing one and by the time I turned around the other 3 also had people playing them.

Soon the one right next to Shelli opened up so I grabbed it.

Now, I’m not saying Shelli and I are hyper-competitive or anything, but I will admit there was some trash talk and a lot of emphasis put on going home with a water bottle.

Pinballs were hitting glass, flippers were flipping furiously, lights were flashing, backflips were executed to high precision and the competition created stress levels that were off-the-charts.

We even stopped to re-hydrate.

Alas, I prevailed in this competition and got to take home the glorious, much-coveted aluminum water bottle. It is definitely a major award! (I will acknowledge Shelli and I switched machines at some point so I won with the machine she had started with.)

It was a great day and I can’t wait for warmer days, unfrozen water and more camaraderie on the water.

I miss my paddling buddy.

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