West Side Boat Shop demo day at Little D on the Monocacy race April 30, 2022 (Frederick, MD,) Training run, windy wind, etc. | Ask Me Anything

And here is the final video from my race at the Little D On The Monocacy Race 2022:



  1. Mike, It, of course, depends on the water levels in terms of racing a composite boat. That said, I would never try it with an understern rudder. Especially during the upriver sections where you are forced into shallower water.


  2. Hey Dave, I just (re) watched your Little D Monocacy race again. Looks like fun! I used to race a bit here & there with limited success (I mostly paddle for fitness). I’m hoping to retire this upcoming spring and might like to get back into an occasional race & branch out from (Central) New York and try this race. How deep is the water, my preferred boat would be my T-bolt (original) but it’s set up for under stern only, appears this river might be a little thin for understern…?Just curious.


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