A brand new 40-year-old West Side Boat Shop K1 kayak? The West Side Boat Shop Valencia Kayak

I think I know what happened.

Somebody bought this Valencia kayak some 30-40 years ago trying to buy as much speed as money could buy and when they got it home they realized they couldn’t paddle it because it is so tippy. So then they put it in their garage and forgot about for many, many years.

Never buy too much boat looking for speed.

Improve your stroke and balance and then go as fast as you can in the boat that is the most comfortable you feel you can handle.

A very fast kayak will not be your fastest boat of you have to brace often.

The speed/stability trade-off does is not a forgiving soul.

The fastest boat on the planet might not be the boat you can paddle fastest.

But it is a speed demon!

Update 8/22/22:

I spoke with Doug Bushnell and told him about this boat and he just laughed and said, “That boat is just barely on this side of sanity.”


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