Lifetime Lancer 100 kayak review

Since I posted this review yesterday I’ve done a little bit of research and found out this kayak sells for ~$180 at Wal-Mart. A pretty good deal, in my opinion, for an entry level, beginner’s kayak. Obviously is sells for much less money than I expected because I thought it was probably a $300 kayak.

The rear hatch is not bulkheaded so don’t expect anything back there to stay dry if it isn’t in a dry bag.

I paddled it on French Creek from Rt. 97 between Union City and Waterford, PA to Rt. 6N near Mill Village which was ~9.5 paddling miles and the boat was quite comfortable for that distance.



  1. We bought one last fall in Kentucky. I have always used a Sin Dolphin and loved it but bought this on for more weight capacity. I am a bilateral amputee and I love kayaking and fishing from a kayak. The Lancer is heavier on land but, flies on the water. It will probably outlast me but, I love it. I would buy another on in a heartbeat especially if it was a little lighter. But, I love this 10 footer.


  2. Austin, I really don’t know. I typically paddle high end performance boats so I don’t really know what the landscape looks like for boats similar to the Lancer. Always try to paddle it before you buy it, if you can.


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