The Storming of Thunder Ridge

On May 19, 2013…the very next weekend…I decided to attempt to ride my first Century on a bicycle.  (For those who might not know that term, it means a 100-mile ride.)

Not only had I never attempted to ride 100 miles in one day before, I had never attempted a ride on such terrain. This ride features 9000+  feet of climbing, technical descents, long stretches of rollers and hills, and the highlight is a 13-mile, no-joke ascent to the highest point on the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia.

I completed the whole ride and felt such a sense of accomplishment that I teared up and became emotional at mile #83 when I realized I was actually going to complete it.

The entire week made me feel like no age is too old to accomplish anything you want to accomplish but the key is to stay in good shape and in turn remain healthy.

I was ready to conquer anything at that point.  I felt invinceable.


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