Final preparations for the James River Rundown this week

Last weekend I paddled 60 miles in order to help condition my body and mind for the James River Rundown next weekend.  I’ll be paddling the 100-mile Elite event that allows paddlers to skip the overnight camping/stop at mile #60 and paddle through the night.

So that means this week has been my friend as I assemble the remaining bits of gear I’ll need next Saturday.

Below is a photo of my supplies which includes a new pair of NRS paddling gloves, a urine “system,” colored lights from RoadID which Virginia law requires I have on my boat at night, Nuun electrolyte tablets, a waterproof diving flashlight to attach to the bow of my boat, back brace (for obvious reasons,) and a pair of Cudas water shoes that Cudas graciously gave me as part of the prize bag for winning the 40-mile race last year.


On Thursday I also had a meeting with one of my oldest and dearest friends, Konrad, who has agreed to be my support crew for the event.  There were lots of logistics to work through but we emerged with a plan for him to meet me at miles 32 and 60 with fresh water and supplies, a first aid kit, and video camera to help capture the event.  Konrad is a true friend for helping me out and is probably the one person most directly responsible for re-sparking my love of kayaking in recent years.

I plan on paddling more base miles this weekend but am going to go at a somewhat leisurely pace and then rest this week leading up to The Big Day.

My plan for the race is simple: Just complete it.  I simply want to finish.

Similar to last year, I have no idea what to expect from a 100-mile race so I simply want to make steady progress and complete the entire 100-miles.  That should give me a good data point on how to actually compete to win in 2017 if I decide to do so.

I hope to see you at the starting line at James River State Park on Saturday, June 11!


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