Economy/budget drysuit preview/review

LKVER Zenory DM17 drysuit preview

Realizing my own mortality and the risks I’ve accepted in my training over the years, I decided to play it a bit safer by investing in a kayaking drysuit. This one is the LKVER / Zenory DM17 drysuit.

It is important to note that I do flatwater training during the winter and I have never flipped over in cold conditions, so water immersion for me would be a rare event. That is vastly different from paddlers who whitewater kayak during the winter and early Spring seasons who absolutely need a durable, reliable drysuit because they will be getting very wet most of the time in hypothermic conditions.

I’ll be wearing this knowing I will stay dry just about every time…but preparing just in case I have that freak spill.

Update March 11, 2023:


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