Checking in with an update

It was an absolutely gorgeous weekend in Central Virginia with temperatures near 70-degrees F and I was very happy to paddle 12.5 miles with Paddling Buddy Dave on Saturday morning for our first, true training run of the new season. (Although we launched at 7:30am making us the dumbest kayakers of the weekend since we chose the coldest time to paddle.  31-degrees at launch.)

Dave and I also discussed the possibility of creating a new race in 2018 on our local river which would be a 44 mile race covering the entire length of the Rivanna from Charlottesville to Columbia.  What say you?  Would you be interested?

Saturday night my daughter and I attended SingFest at the nearby University of Virginia where we were treated to some excellent a cappella talent to support the local food bank.

On Sunday afternoon, I was fortunate to be able to take two of my three children out paddling with me on our neighborhood lake.   I took my whitewater boat just because it is easiest to tote and we had a great time.  My daughter, Reagan, asked if she could try my whitewater boat so I let her but she wasn’t exactly thrilled with the way it wanted to spin.  Next time she mentioned she wants to take a book with her to just sit out there and read.  I fully support this wish.


And this evening I dropped off my youngest son, Ben, for basketball practice and hit Gold’s Gym for a nearly 90-minute workout and felt great.  Just a few more weeks of hitting the weights hard in the gym before I start tapering off a few weeks before the first kayak race at the end of April.

It doesn’t seem possible that I’m this close to transitioning to racing season again.  Goodbye heavy weights, hello cardio.

Lastly, this morning I took advantage of a discount deal at Muscle & and ordered a sling bag since I’ve been wanting one for a while.  This one will come with a few free samples and a shaker bottle.


If you have an interest in ordering one for yourself from, please use my referral code 11613371 at checkout or use the following link:

I am not affiliated with M&S in any way except for the fact I just discovered I have a referral code so if you order supplements online anyway, if you use my affiliate code I’ll get a little love from them.  Thank you!




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