Missed training day yesterday turned into gold

I had to leave town on business yesterday and thanks to heavy traffic and an accident on the D.C. beltway and then another wreck on the Garden State Parkway, I arrived at my hotel late, tired, and hungry and decided to skip my workout and do it this morning.  A rare event for me because I am generally not a morning person and evening workouts have become part of my routine.

So I popped some ZMA before bedtime last night, went to bed early, woke up a little before 6am to hit the fitness center, and got in a pretty good workout.  I got an even better night’s sleep and my fitness tracker rewarded me with the highest “sleep score” I’ve seen since integrating it into my training.

Sleep has been a real challenge for me lately.

This reminded me of a few things.

1) If you aren’t physically and mentally ready to hit the gym hard on a training day, it is OK to skip the workout. Just improvise and squeeze it in as soon as you can.

2) Use a hiccup in your training as an opportunity. I saw my missed workout as an opportunity to go to bed early and try to get a good night’s sleep. As a result, I feel great today.

3) Listen to your body. Sometimes that tired feeling means you need to drop down into low gear and get some rest. Know when your body is fatigued and screaming for down time and don’t mistake that for lack of motivation.

I think anyone who takes their training seriously runs the risk of becoming a slave to the routine and a prisoner to the training schedule or plan. Don’t be afraid to alter course every once in a while.

Tomorrow I’ll be right back up on the horse after only a minor detour that was a net positive.




The results of going to bed early and getting up early for a rare, morning workout.

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