A shout out to Paul Luc Music


I’d like to send out a HUGE thank you to Paul Luc for supporting me and the American Cancer Society in my upcoming kayak race in Pittsburgh, PA on August 5.

Paul has said that all proceeds from merchandise sold at his online store for the next two weeks will be donated to the American Cancer Society via my race fundraising page.

I met Paul a couple years ago when he was playing a gig in Nashville at 12th and Porter and we were both quite surprised to discover after we started talking that we are both from the same small town outside of Pittsburgh.  It was a weird coincidence.

Since then I’ve become a fan of Paul’s and have both his Bad Seed and Tried & True albums.

So go ahead and buy some of his music and merchandise and discover him for yourself knowing you are supporting a good cause at the same time.

See you in Pittsburgh on August 5 for the Pittsburgh Paddlesports Championships.



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