Renpho Smart scale review

I’ve discovered a new product that is already blowing me away on its first day in terms of affordability and utility.

I just got my Renpho Smart Scale today and it links with an accompanying app via BLE to provide a variety of body parameters including body weight, BMI, BMR, Body Fat %, and muscle mass, among other parameters, using bio-impedance and it is FDA approved.

It cost me under $30 and I’ll bring you along with me on my journey to shed body fat over the next 8 weeks.  I’m backing off the weights in the gym and subsequently will go full-on NSNG next week and reduce my caloric intake slightly to get ready for my last couple kayaking races and kayak adventures for the year.

But first I will relax my diet and enjoy myself this weekend to see what happens.

So far the scale seems like an amazing tool for tracking my body progress.

And yes, I bought it with my own money because I researched the category and sought out this particular product so this is a completely independent and objective review.  I have no connection to the company or product whatsoever, but I am providing a link below through my affiliate’s account on Amazon should you wish to buy one for yourself.




My first day and initial measurement with my new smart scale

Buy the Renpho Smart Scale through my affiliate account on Amazon

Update 8/31/18:

This Renpho Smart Scale is simply amazing.

When you step on the scale all you get is your weight, which doesn’t seem special, but synch it with the app and a variety of useful parameters are available to you.

I’m 1 week into it and in the name of science I binged last weekend to see what would happen with my body and if the scale would detect any changes.

My initial weight was 178.8 and then I shot up to 184.6 over the weekend and now I’m down to 177 after starting strict NSNG (no sugars, no grains) on Monday.

I learned two things:

  1. It will take your body an entire week to recover from a bad weekend, assuming you get back to clean eating right away.
  2. This Renpho scale sees subtle changes and is a very useful and affordable tool for tracking body transformation.

I’ve said from the start of my fitness journey that I don’t much care what my weight is as long as I am gaining muscle mass and losing body fat.

Now I know with confidence that is happening.

This scale is a great way to get deeper insights over and above body weight.  It allows you to track weight, BMR, body fat percentage, muscle mass and more over time.

Below are some screen shots from my first week with the scale.




This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Overview, weight, body fat %, and BMI tracked over 1 week with the Renpho Smart Scale

In short, I highly recommend this scale.  It is an incredible, affordable tool for tracking what is happening with your body.  As I write this it is selling on Amazon for $23.79 which boggles my mind.  Don’t just buy a scale, buy this thing.

I’ll check in with you again next week when I’m under 13% body fat.

# # #

Buy the Renpho Smart Scale through my affiliate account on Amazon



  1. Just checking back in more than 7 months later and I still love this scale and highly endorse it. It is a tremendous value and I find myself heavily reliant on its reporting of muscle mass and body fat %. And, again, I paid for this myself and have never had any direct contact with the company.


  2. I ended up adding Fitbit support to my app (

    So now people with Renpho scales can connect to Fitbit, and then use my app to sync weight from Fitbit to Garmin.

    It’s not free but hopefully it’s not too much, and it allows me to maintain the project going forwards.

    I use Garmin as my fitness hub, so that was the primary motivator behind this project (since I don’t have a garmin scale).


  3. No, I don’t synch it to anything. If I did, I would love an app that could overlay data from a fitness tracker (such at the Amazfit Bip or Dr. Viva P1C) AND bring in weight lifting data from the Atlas Wearables 2. It would be highly informative to view smart scale data (body fat%, muscle mass, etc.) and how it relates to total volume in the gym, daily calorie burn and sleep statistics. That would be the Holy Grail of fitness information for me.


  4. Do you sync your weight from the renpho app to any other fitness/health platforms?

    I built an app for my withings scale, to sync it with Garmin/Strava/TrainerRoad, and I was thinking about building support for renpho but I’m not sure if people would want something like this.



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