Rivanna River: S. Rivanna Reservoir dam/Rio Mills Rd. to Riverview Park, Charlottesville, VA


I hopped on the Nelo 510 today to do a quick training run down the Rivanna River since the reservoir itself has an algae bloom that neither I nor my allergies wanted to deal with.

I paddled at a constant, brisk pace and captured my GPS trace and measured the distance at just about 8.8 miles and covered that in 1hr 25min.

It was my first fast run down the Rivanna this year since I did not participate in the annual Regatta/river race.

I passed many kayakers and tubers along the way and it was great to see so many people out enjoying the Rivanna.

The water was relatively low (the reading at Palmyra was ~500cfs) and I bumped a few rocks along the way, but the 510 performed beautifully through numerous rapids and there was plenty of water to have a great run.

The 510 is rock solid and might be my new whitewater boat.






  1. Even if it is a bit slower, it looks so much nicer than those boring all white boats. That’s why it blows the V7 out of the water. The Epics were nice in the beginning before they became so darn ubiquitous. I’d take your Nelo over an Epic any day


  2. I absolutely love your Nelo 510. Blows the Epic V7 out of the water (literally). Looks awesome in blue. Too bad they are so darn hard to find here in the USA. It goes to show you how powerful marketing really is in driving consumer behaviour


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