Another happy kayak ergometer customer

A customer of mine wrote me earlier today thanking me for the plans to the kayak ergometer made from  Nordic Track ski machine.

My customer, Dennis, even sent pictures and his modifications to the design are so unique I thought I’d share the pictures with you.

Dennis used a fiberglass, bucket seat and added a backrest and also included the square legs on top of the rounded ones in a manner that he’ll have the horizontal rolling action but it will be limited until the square legs hit and stop him.  Once he gets comfortable he says he’ll remove the square legs and then use the full rockers.

Dennis made my day and I’m so happy people are not only building my design but writing me to thank me afterward.

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Pictures of “The Dennis Mods”

Read the full story of the evolution of my kayak ergometer here or purchase the video plans below.

Don’t be fooled.  Buy the video plans for the kayak / surfski ergometer from the original designer!


Thank you!

Be sure to allow email from dave (at}

Buy the parts list and video plans now for $20 USD

The device can be built with either the square legs or the rounded ones and the video discusses both approaches.



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