iWownFit P1 Power Sports Watch fitness tracker review

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iWownFit provided me a review unit and I’ve been testing it for the past month.

The watch definitely looks like a sports watch, but not so much so that I would be afraid to wear it in a professional setting.  Aside from a yellow button on the side and a band (non-replaceable) that looks like a running watch it has a smart look to it.

The app is fairly basic but does what it needs to do and provides some level of insights and analytics when it comes to heart rate zones.   It provides sleep tracking and heart rate monitoring along with various sport modes and HRV and ECG.

I’ve taken it kayaking several times and it is fine after being dunked in water several times.  It tracks paddle strokes as steps (a good thing!) and the GPS mapping is also pretty good.

I don’t know how it calculates an HRV score (they call it a Fatigue Score) so I can only treat the number as relative, but I know the higher the score the greater the HRV which is a good thing as it indicates a more relaxed or recovered state.  A stressed state forces a more consistent heart rate or lower heart rate variability (HRV.)

I’ve been getting 4-5 days on a charge with limited use of BLE and GPS which I think is very respectable.

Overall I like it a great deal and would recommend it for kayaking or as a general sports smart watch.

The display is very bright even on the lowest setting which is hugely impressive!

I have no problem recommending this watch. At ~$75 it is a good value and the company seems committed to making continuous improvements, so I think iWownFit might be a company to keep an eye on.

You may buy it here from my Amazon Affiliate’s link:

My detailed video review is below.



  1. I believe the P1C is available in the US now on Amazon. I’ve been wearing it for a week now and will start writing/videoing my review within the next few days. I still need to do the VO2max test.


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