My last workout paddle of 2018

The weather in Central Virginia was near perfect this afternoon with clear skies and temperatures hovering near 50F, so I headed out to my local reservoir for my last workout paddle of 2018, since I have to work tomorrow.

2018 has been a good year and tomorrow night I’ll summarize and post my final statistics from both paddling and in the gym (I’m hoping to get in one more gym workout tomorrow.)

And if I forget tomorrow, thank you to everyone who reached out to me this year or who purchased a product via one of my links or purchased the plans to my kayak ergometer.

When I started this blog I was simply trying to capture my memories of paddling before I forgot them, and soon after didn’t have much of a vision for this blog or an incentive to keep at it.

Many of you have been so kind by encouraging me or purchasing something through this site this year.  I try not to get too sales-y, but, let’s face it, unless I can monitize this site in some way, there is not much reason for me to keep going.  I love talking about kayaking, creating videos and writing about kayak races, but a little encouragement here and there goes a long way.

Race organizers love it when I show up to their events because they know I’ll get the word out, do a write-up of their event, and post of video of the race, but I have to pay for travel and entry fees to each and every one of those events, it takes me hours to edit video, and I have to maintain this site so I am very grateful when folks throw a little appreciation my way.

So to anyone who posted a comment on this blog or on my YouTube videos, purchased the video plans to my DIY kayak ergometer, bought something through an affiliate link, sent me a donation, or simply just reached out to me in some way, thank you.

You are what keeps this blog going.



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