Top kayak races of 2018 – #1; The Youghness Monster 25

DSC_1390At the finish line of the Youghness Monster 25 with mom and dad

My favorite kayak race in 2018 was the Youghness Monster 25 (read my write-up of it), sponsored once again by Performance Kayak and Hansel Lucas & Stellar Kayaks.

I really liked the fact that it was a long’ish race early in the season so it served as a preparedness check, but I knew my parents would be at the finish line and this was the first kayak race of mine they’ve ever seen or attended, so it was a thrill!

Hansel did a tremendous job organizing this race in its first year and I would be willing to bet it becomes a very popular race on the East Coast in years to come.  Coming May 4 in 2019, it was very well organized with a great finish line celebration, and the 25 mile paddle was a good warm-up with enough rapids to keep it interesting and competitive.



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