A glorious training day


Today was scheduled to be a gym day for me since I took yesterday off as a recovery day, but the weather was so glorious here in Central Virginia I had to get a boat wet.

The original plan was a 5 or so mile paddle and then hit the gym, but the weather was so wonderful with 65 degrees and sun I took full advantage of being able to paddle in just shorts and a sleeveless shirt in early January so the Thunderbolt-X and I turned in some quality base miles and then I hit my local Planet Fitness, Charlottesville.

I had enough gas left in the tank for a pretty good gym workout.

Moral of the story: You might have the best training plan in the world, but at times you simply must adjust due to external circumstances.  In past years my local water has been frozen by now and I’ve had to train in the gym and on the paddling ergometer, so I wasn’t going to let a gorgeous day go to waste by staying indoors so I maximized my time on the water.



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