Post-workout meal, fast food and staying on your eating plan

A possibly unexpected meal from my local McDonalds

I did a pretty big gym workout after work today and was pressed for time so I decided to see what I could get that is close to No Sugars, No Grains (#NSNG) at my local McDonalds.

I went inside and used a walk-up, self-service kiosk which allowed me to completely customize my order.

So I hacked my order.

In order to eliminate sugars and grains, I ordered 2 bacon double-cheeseburgers with no buns, no ketchup, mustard, extra pickles and added leaf lettuce.

The picture above shows how the burgers came delivered, nicely enclosed in a plastic tray.  I was able to easily fold them in half and eat them like lettuce wraps.

Moral of the story?

Even if you find yourself at a fast food restaurant, there are creative ways to stay on your eating plan if you are properly determined.


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