Random thoughts from my kayak

Screenshot_20190126-190553_iWOWNfit pro.jpg

I got out on the water today in the 46-degree weather and got in a few miles wearing a full wet suit.  I was hoping to paddle 10 miles, but I had problems with my backrest and decided to paddle back in rather than keep going with a technical malfunction and a painful lower back.


  1. I hate paddling in a full wet suit.  It is too restricting and doesn’t allow for full, natural movement.
  2. When paddling in a wet suit, you tend to overheat (if you stay upright.) It gets really hot in there.  But once you get back to shore and take it off, you are soaking wet on the inside from sweat so then you start to get very cold.  It is horrible.
  3. I noticed the wet suit does allow for sensory feedback while paddling.  I did not really think about or notice this until today.   I could feel my movement from my shoulders and deltoids all the way through my latissimus dorsi and down into my legs.
  4. I’m wondering if kinesiology tape starting from my front shoulder over my upper back and then down to the lower lat on the opposite side of my body would provide the same feedback during normal training sessions.  Hmmm.


  1. 46 degrees. What a coincidence, it was 46.6 degrees here at the same time and I was out in kayak. Full Wetsuit ? . Oooohhh…..you mean 46 Fahrenheit and I mean 46.6 Centigrade. Now that wetsuit makes a lot of sense !!!.


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