Movie review | Fat: A Documentary by Vinnie Tortorich


I donated to support this film and I am so glad I supported it and am staying up late (very late!) to watch and review it the moment it was released.

Group think.

Power of the media.

Righteous indignation.

Religious-like fervor.

Wrong assumptions.

Forget what you think you know about diet and nutrition.

Set it all aside.

Open your mind, suspend critical judgement, and just watch this film.

It is very hard to describe the journey you will experience when you view this film, but it left me equal parts of angry, teary eyed, and determined to help share the information.

Assume everything you’ve been told about diet and nutrition is wrong.

Vinnie Tortorich creates such a strong case that it is difficult to dispute.

If you follow this blog you know I’m a believer in the No Sugars, No Grains (#NSNG) lifestyle and believe in living a fat-adapted lifestyle for general health and athletic performance.


Because I tried everything else and then tried #NSNG and now live with proven results some 7 years later.

You might think Vinnie is an imperfect messenger and I get that, but his message is so critically important for you to hear you should set aside any pre-conceived notions you have about him.

He speaks truth. He speaks science. He speaks from vast experience.

All I know is what I have tested and experienced myself and this film will explain the reasons behind my nutrition strategy and how I’m able to perform athletically at a very high level at age 52, with less than 13% body fat.

The film is an amazing description of the journey we’ve been on as a nation to arrive at the current, misguided government dietary guidelines.

It is equal parts history lesson and nutritional education.

By the end of the film you will realize we’ve been misled and you will be outraged and committed to help spread the word.

Buy it!  Watch it! Spread the message!
Fat: A Documentary







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