Fitness tracker review: Actofit Impulse review


Some reviews are more fun to do than others.

I was hoping this would be a credible gym tracker, so it was frustrating.

I don’t see a need to do an in-depth written review as I think this video speaks for itself.

The Actofit Impulse is a basic tracker when it comes to counting steps, taking heart rate, tracking sleep, etc. but fails as a workout tracker in the gym.

The front and rear panels of the Actofit Impulse box. What does this imply to you?

Yes the app has some neat exercise programs built-in with some videos to show how to perform the movement properly, but in order to do the routines or track yourself in the gym you must be tethered to your phone via BLE. The last thing I want to be doing in the gym is constantly interacting with my phone.

There appears to be no way to turn off the feature of the display turning on when you lift/turn your wrist and there also appears to be no way to get into 12-hour time mode rather than 24-hour time mode.

The Actofit Impulse is not as good as other basic fitness trackers that deliver more features for less money nor is it a credible gym workout tracker.

Update 12/16/19: The company has apparently viewed this review video on YouTube and emailed me, essentially verifying all of my statements:

“Hello Dave,

We are sorry not living up to your expectations. For the time being, we’d love to assist you for a better user experience.
1. 12-hour timing– The 12-hour clock timing will get updated very soon.
2. Offline workout– The offline Mode is used for Heart Rate based training, you will not get exercise data during offline workouts.
3. Offline mode for resistance and weight training- At the moment we don’t have an offline mode for weight training or resistance workouts in Impulse. They can be tracked using the Connected Workout Mode.
4. Freestyle workout – In the freestyle mood the user has the liberty to work out the way he/ she likes to and for a better workout analysis, you will have to feed in the deets of your workout every time. If you don’t prefer that, then you can take up our guided workout mode.
Thank you

Team Actofit”


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