Fitness tracker review: FOMO Fit Heart Health + GPS tracker review


I’ve got to do something over the winter months to keep the lights turned on.

So here is a review of the FOMO Fit fitness tracker.  I don’t believe it does HRV or blood pressure very well, but in the sub-$50 category it is a reasonable, waterproof offering and one of the few with GPS functionality so check it out.

You can support my efforts by checking out all of my fitness tracker reviews at my YouTube channel’s fitness tracker review playlist (be sure to subscribe to my channel, like the videos and share with others,) buy the plans to my DIY kayak ergometer, or simply subscribe to this blog or tell others about it.

I’m in the early stages of designing and building my own kayak design for recreational-but-still-competitive kayak racers, so stay tuned to see what I’m up to.  Obviously I don’t want to say too much too early, but I’m excited about what I might be able to bring to the inland, downriver racing community.

Only time and finances will dictate the outcome, the desire and will-power are there.



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