Kayaks kayak for sale

As some of you know, I’m designing and building my own marathon racing boat this year, so I need to free up some space and cash to bring this new design to market. I initially posted a GoFundMe campaign, but after a couple people in the paddling community immediately reached out to me to offer support, I decided to do this project privately.

So up for sale:

Prijon Interceptor Mithril Kayak by HiPP Industrial: A true piece of history in downriver kayak racing. $200. Restored and painted red: https://davethekayaker.com/2017/08/10/a-vintage-downriver-racer/

Phoenix Match II downriver Racer: I hate to let this one go, but you can snag a deal for a boat that is almost impossible to find. $425. This boat has won several races. http://cvillepaddlers.com/phoenix/

Phoenix MiniSlipper. Great boat for children or very small people; $225. https://davethekayaker.com/2016/09/18/the-phoenix-cascade-kayak/

Wenonah Orion K1 Sprint kayak: $325. Kevlar. https://davethekayaker.com/2016/04/17/wenonah-orion-k1-olympic-kayak/

All of these boats required skilled paddlers.

I’m located in Charlottesville, VA so you will have to come here to look at or pickup the boats. I will not ship or transport them for these prices. We can easily arrange to meet at a boat ramp for you to test paddle first, though.


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