Massage gun


Sore muscles from kayaking?

Sore muscles from working out in the gym?

One of unexpected benefits of creating this blog is that companies have reached out to me to offer me their products for my review.

It all started quite accidentally when I decided to review a piece of equipment or two for your benefit, just because I found a product or two worthy of passing along.

I try not to overwhelm this blog with these product reviews, but you will find them all under the “product review” playlist on my YouTube channel (RivannaHipSnap.)  (I also explained what RivannaHipSnap means in my last video.)

The latest product is the Depp’s Massage Gun and I have to share it with you because it is a truly amazing piece of technology for only around $90.

This massage gun works wonders for sore muscles after kayaking or hitting the gym hard and with six different massage heads, it will dig into any muscle group that ails you.

I’ve been using it for the past week and I think I’m in love.

They will only pry it away from my cold, dead hands.

Find out more about it on


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